Driven to succeed – our time as rally drivers

  • Ford Escort Cosworth converted to rally car bought in the UK 1996
  • Ford Evo acquired as rally car coby autos
  • mondello photo shoot 083

Performance Expertise a result of rally experience

Coby Autos maintained a keen interest in rallying in the mid to late 80s. For a time, we kept a small fleet of performance rally cars such as a Ford Escort RS2000, Capri 2.8, Audi Quattro Coupe, and a Ford Saphire Cosworth. The Cosworth was a road car which was very popular as a rally car.

Joe & Maurice Coby did some track day events in Mondello Park for a number of years with their own track day car. However - a rapidly growing business combined with young families meant that there wasn’t the time to pursue this as much as they might’ve liked. It was this passion for getting the very best performance / speed out of their rally cars that pushed their desire to become the experts in every aspect of car tuning / performance and maintenance. It is this expertise that informs and oversees every aspect of car servicing and maintenance at Coby Autos.

Ordnance Survey Fleet

Coby Autos were responsible for servicing the entire Ordnance Survey Fleet around the country at the time. The Ordnance Survey were heavily involved in rallying at the time and created all the maps used by the drivers, and Coby Autos staff would accompany them regularly on race days, enjoying all access status to the various stages. Exciting times!

It wasn’t unusual for Joe & Maurice to travel to various depots around the country, service the cars there and return home. The benefits of dealing with a trusted, professional company who knew your fleet of cars and could therefore give a better deal on pricing were many, along with having to deal with just one company for billing purposes.