We're on hand to discuss any concerns you may have with your car's Air Conditioning so call us today on 01 459 1308, or if you'd prefer you can use our Contact Us form. Simply leave us your details and we'll aim to get back to you within 30 minutes (during business hours) or we'll offer you a discount on any work undertaken by us for you within 7 days.
Brainbee Clima 7000 Air Conditioning Unit at Coby Autos - https://www.cobyautos.ie

The Clima 7000 (in use at Coby Autos) is a unit designed to perform the recharge and maintenance of air conditioning systems through the recovery and recycle of refrigerating liquids, thereby avoiding environmental contamintation.

There are many reasons why it makes sense to look after your cars' air conditioning system. The quality and temperature of the air you and your family breathe while in your car is important to your comfort and can also be important to your health.

Your air conditioning system will monitor and make adjustments for both warm and cold weather - keeping your car cool in the summer while preventing steaming up of windows in the winter. From a health perspective, a properly maintained Air conditioning system will provide cleaner air with less pollen, less bacteria and no odours. If you begin to notice a slight change in air quality or a faint odour when your turn on your Air Conditioning, it's time to have it serviced.

It's human nature to put off such seemingly non-important issues but as with all car related faults - proper maintenance is more cost effective than repairs.

Maintaining your Air Conditioning

Coby Autos can maintain your cars AirCon system with our state of the art equipment and can give you a full diagnostic report on any issues we find or systems that are not working.

Should we find any issues or problems with your Air Conditioning - or your vehicle in general for that matter - we will advise you in advance of performing any extra work.

In this way, you decide whether or not you wish to proceed with such work and - if you do wish to proceed - when you might like the work to take place.

What we do

  • Refills
  • Leak detection
  • Reconditioning of parts
  • Pipe replacing

In a lot of cases the refrigerant will eventually become used up - and a simple refill is all that's needed. Some systems may have been emptied to carry out some engine repairs and may not have been refilled, so it seems a shame not to fill it up and have it working - after all it's a huge benefit to have particularly coming into the summer months.