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Information related to Diesel Particulate Filters, explanations of terms and what a ‘DPF’ actually is and what it’s function is within your car / vehicle.

Diesel Particulate Filters – What’s all the fuss about?

Diesel Particulate Filters “Have car manufacturers pulled another emissions stroke. Or is it a double taxation?” Firstly - I don’t understand what a DPF is - What’s all the fuss about? Simply put, the DPF (or Diesel Particle Filter) does exactly what it says on the tin - that is it removes particulates of soot…
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Can I remove my DPF filter ?

Can I remove my DPF? The NCT or MOT have no new regulations yet for the introduction of testing DPF. In the UK from January 2014, they have introduced it as part of the visual test only. There is no current test of a DPF other than a visual test, as it is calculated by…
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