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Information specific to each type of car or vehicle service we offer, from a Basic Service, Intermediate Service, Full Service through to Tyre, Breaks, Exhaust, Clutch servicing etc.

Brexit – what does it mean for motoring in Ireland?

With all the uncertainty surrounding Brexit it’s time to assess what the possible implications may be for the Irish motorists and the motor trade in general. It’s difficult to say exactly when Brexit might happen. At the time of writing (Tuesday 12th March 2019) there is a key vote due to happen in the UK…
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Coby Autos – recognised experts in servicing Hybrid cars.

There’s a common misconception that hybrid cars can only be serviced by dealerships. This is not the case. At Coby Autos we are constantly training and upskilling our valued staff and all our staff are fully qualified to work on hybrid vehicles. What is a “Hybrid” car anyway? A Hybrid car is a car that…
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Air Conditioning – Free Diagnostic Test

In some cases, Air Conditioning problems can be resolved by topping up the refrigerant in your car for as little as €50. While some AirCon system repairs can be complicated, most are (generally speaking) not, so give us a call on 01 459 1308 and let us assess it for you. You can then decide…
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Summer Readiness Test – is your car ‘ready’?

With more and more of us taking our cars on ferries for foreign holidays to France and beyond, summer can be a time of year where our cars are driven more than ever. As such, its perhaps never been more important to ensure our cars are completely roadworthy and fully serviced both for our own…
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