Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Services

Why Coby Autos are the go-to garage for all DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) related issues.

DPF Dublin - a sister site of Coby Autos

New DPF Dublin Website

In response to growing demand for information on all aspects of Diesel Particulate Filters, ECUs and Remaps etc - we’ve setup a sister website which focuses exclusively on these issues.
The information listed here (on the Coby Autos website) is a subset of that which is available at DPF Dublin. DPF Dublin is based at the same premises as Coby Autos so you may book your vehicle in with us on either website.

At Coby Autos we have an expanding range of after market DPFs and have seen a steady increase in replacement rather than removal in recent times, as the cost of replacing your DPF comes down. Our workshop will always advise as to the best solution for your car with a view to achieving the best possible outcome. Best practice is to replace where possible.

Coby Autos offer a range of ECU / PCM / ECM Remaps and DPF removal for all makes of vehicles, both private and commercial fleet. The advantages of an ECU remap include Fuel Saving, Increase in Power & Increase in Torque.

We are established in the tuning & servicing business for the last 25 years, at the same location on the Naas Road beside the Red Cow Hotel. Our Maps for DPF removal, power or economy are the best you can get, and coupled with the expertise of our top technicians, at Coby Autos you are guaranteed the best results for your money.

We offer a DPF (diesel particulate filter) bypass program to our diesel customers, and this package includes an ECU remap or emulator. We also remove the DPF filter from your vehicle, to restore lost power and economy.

We take calls every day from anxious costumers and garages that are having problems when the dreaded DPF light come on the dash.

The purpose of a DPF is to remove 80% of the harmful soot from the exhaust gasses, and although it is in principle a sound idea, it does creates huge problems for people when it blocks up, and can increase other emissions, like Nox, Carbon Monoxide & Hydrocarbons while trying to keep it cleaned out.

DPF Removal

DPF Dublin offer a range of Remaps and DPF removal for all vehicles, both private and commerical fleet. Advantages can include Fuel savings and increases in Power and Torque.

DPF Replacement

DPF Dublin can also fully replace your Diesel Particulate Filter should you wish. Simply book your car in with us, we'll source the correct part(s) and call you with an appointment!

Power Upgrade Remapping

We offer a comprehensive remapping solution, whether it's for an increase in power, or to overcome a problem with a DPF or an expensive EGR value.

EGR Deletions

The EGR value is a device to help reduce harmful emissions. However, these valves can become clogged up, seriously impairing your vehicle's power and performance. An EGR Deletion is the best way to economically address this problem.

Chip Tuning

'Chip tuning' is the terms used to describe the process of making changes to an engine control unit, to alter how it runs. We can make it slower or faster, more fuel efficient, remove faults, or sometimes improve the running or smoothness of the engine.