Intermediate / Interim Service

An interim service focusses on the elements of your car that need more regular attention and should usually happen every six months or 10,000 kms (6,000 miles).

Interim Service - Coby Auto Service Levels Chart

Click on this page to see exactly what you get with an Interim Service, a Full Service or a Pre-NCT Check

As well as keeping your car running in top condition, servicing can also help prevent costly unforseen issues that may arise when a car is left unchecked for a longer period.

What's included

Generally speaking an interim service will cover your engine's air and oil filters (along with a change of oil) as well as a check on your lights and levels. Checks will also be carried out on your fan, auxiliary and timing belts, battery and connections, coolant and brake fluids, tyres and brake pads and discs.

To see exactly what Coby Auto's do as part of an interim service, along with details on our Full Service and Pre-NCT checks - see our Service Levels page.

The advantage of a full service history is critical when you go to sell or trade-in your car.

David Says... David Coby of Coby Autos

David Says... David Coby of Coby Autos

Putting off your annual car service can shorten your car's lifespan

Having your car serviced is another expense that it seems we can do without sometimes. However, the importance of servicing your vehicle cannot be overstated. Regular servicing helps to ensure that there is no undue stress on critical car / engine components which can turn into much bigger problems further down the road.

Many of the breakdowns we see on the road can usually be directly related a lack of servicing. A regularly serviced car will run better, use less fuel, be kinder to the environment and will save you real money in the long term as you'll be much less likely to suffer serious car trouble.

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