Pre-Purchase Inspections

Don't buy a banger - Pre-Purchase inspections are essential!

With a fully equipped NCT Test lane and a suite of diagnostic computers at our disposal, Coby Autos are the people to carry out pre-purchase inspections on a car or vehicle you're thinking of buying. Call us on 01 459 1308 to arrange a pre-purchase inspection. Buying a car is a significant investment. Pre-testing affords you peace of mind and could prevent you buying a BANGER!

There's nothing like the feeling of getting a new car, or even a new-to-you (second hand) car. Arguably the best value lies in buying a recent well-maintained second hand car - as great bargains can be had.

However, when buying a second hand car you do need to know what you're getting. While you can (and absolutely should) purchase a car history check online, these histories are not always 100% up to date and as such may not have information on recent damage / repairs etc.

You should also be sure that the person selling you the car is the actual owner, that all certs (NCT / Tax etc) are genuine, and that there is no finance outstanding on the car and that it hasn't been crashed / written off before etc.

Top five things to watch out for:

  1. Check the condition of the car
  2. Test drive the car
  3. Check the car history (Mileage / Finance / Accident Damage etc)
  4. Check the paperwork (Certs / Log Book / NCT / Tax Disc etc)

Assessing the car as it is right now

Purchasing a car is generally a long-time investment costing sometimes several thousand euro. As such it is wise to have a complete Pre-Purchase inspection carried out so that you can be as sure as possible that the vehicle you're purchasing is in good condition and is road worthy.

What checks are carried out.

We would begin by completing a full body check. What we would be watching out for would be any signs of damage focusing on the car's interior & exterior, engine bay, car floor and underbody.

We would then perform a detailed diagnostics check, inspecting and examining the engine and all core car components. One complete we will take the car for a thorough road test. We will then call you to discuss our findings and provide written reports on the car in question.

Items we check

Body & Chassis

  • Full Interior / Exterior Check
  • Chassis Check
  • For signs of previous accident damage
  • Tyres checked
  • Wheels Checked
  • Suspension


  • Performance / RPM Levels
  • Management
  • Engine Condition
  • Oil Condition
  • Noise
  • Leaks

Transmission & Fluids

  • Gearbox
  • Clutch
  • Drive Shafts
  • Coolant / Fluid Levels
  • Coolant / Fluid Leaks
  • Gaskets


  • Electronics
  • Warning LIghts
  • Engine Control Unit (PCM / BCM)
  • Brakes (incl ABS)
  • Emissions
  • Firing of ignition coils

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Buying a second hand car can still cost several thousand euro.

Pre-Purchase Inspections / Tests are a critical factor in determining the quality of any used car and not having one carried out can often prove to be a very costly mistake.